Comprehensive Integrations

Your technology integrations specialist

A Technology Agency Passionate about your Integration challenges

The integration of systems and finding solutions to make all your systems talk to each other is our life.

We are not promoting one tool or one system to move your problems from one level to another. 
We want to resolve your problems with the best integration you can find. 

Our services

From IT integrations to bespoke software development, 
from electronics analysis to bespoke IoT solutions,
from prototype design to market-ready solutions,
we accept the challenge.


We want to understand your environment, your challenges and your problems to find the best solution for you. All our projects start with a consulting phase to draft your bespoke solution.


Based on the elaborated plan we realise your bespoke solution following state of the art technology with our network of partners being the best in their fields.


Our comprehensive integration solution will solve your problem so you can focus on frictionless processes in your business.

Our products

To give you an idea what our latest state of the art products look like. 


Our inhouse developed tracking system is one of our best usecases for the way how we think integration. A system developed from scratch to be ready for integration and cooperation with your systems.

With a long-standing record in knowledge management we continuosly develop a growing range of KM tools to integrate in your business processes.


From failure analysis to complete modifications, from legacy repairs to state of the art redesigns, from prototyping to market ready solutions.

Display modification

Helping to upcycle older models of a British supercar brand. 

Replacing the screen with a higher resolution panel and adding a controller board that enables inputs for front/reversing camera and HDMI for Carplay. 

Our Delivery Club

The order and delivery administration tool for SMEs.

Keep all your customer records in one place, plan your routes, keep an eye on payments and your turnover. 



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